*Please note: CNUK TV is a reputable digital media company and is not connected to any other company of a similar name that may appear on the internet.

Who Are We

CNUK TV is the leading provider of innovative digital media solutions for business, specialising in education markets. For over 10 years we have helped organisations from small businesses, universities, charities and large multinationals to successfully deliver collaborative projects, research and vision. Our success through understanding the needs of your business, proven track record of UK and International working and developing a cost effective and innovative solution to deliver your goals.

What Can We Do

We have significant experience in the UK, Chinese, Indian and other overseas markets, applying cutting edge technologies to meet our clients needs by providing innovative digital media solutions for education and business needs.The CNUK team have excellent experience in a variety of sectors including Automotive, Marketing and Education.

By working with your organisation, our services can assist you in areas including the launch of new brands, Sales and Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.
CNUK also handle project assignments from initial research to post launch of products in the UK and overseas markets.Please click the above CNUK:TV services to find out how we may be able to assist you and your organisation.

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