CNUK staff and associates has extensive consultancy experience in Media, Education and in Commerce. If your organisations requires assistance in the following:

CNUK TV can now offer its highly skilled workforce for Research, Assignments and Projects for the UK, China & India Markets.

Our Specialisms

-Consultancy Work
-Online Media
-Games Industry
-New Start-Ups including Partnerships & Accounting
-Procurement of Commercial Goods
-The Automotive industry
-Business Research for UK /China / India Partnerships

Translation Services
Oral: for Interviews, Meetings and Negotiations
Written: for Documents, Brochures, and Websites

Education Sector
Chindia UK Higher Education partnerships
Chindia UK Research Work
Chindia Training & Vocational Partnerships
China UK Internships (New Service)
Private Tutoring by Professional Tutors (New Service)

Marketing Services
Marketing of Products & Services
Creation and assistance with Marketing Campaigns
Film Commercials
Event Management

Why not contact us to find out how we may be able to assist your company or organisation.

We offer further services in translation both oral and written as well as advice on product positioning for overseas markets. Mentoring and training for you and your staff and collaboration on research projects, as well as building partnerships, locating customers and helping you win business.