The explosion in business presence online has meant that understanding and harnessing digital media to ensure your product is quickly and easily found by potential customers is of paramount importance.

CNUK Digital Services can help you develop, refine and maximise your messages and products to reach a wider audience, produce high quality videos to stream to your website including advice on marketing and positioning your offering in the UK and overseas markets.

As part of our Media Services 
we will plan, write and produce short promotional films for your company or event.

These can be invaluable in:

-Reaching a wider audience
Promoting your goods and services
Staff training
Using as part of a marketing strategy
Dubbed in various languages
Film streaming on your website
-Online and virtual world assignments

Media Service

Film & Video Production
Specialists in the following areas:
– Conferences, VIP functions
– Live internet streaming of events

Bi-lingual Digital Media
– Reach broader customer bases
– Sell more products & services
– Specialist in China & India markets

Design Work & Virtual Worlds
– In-World assignments
– Video streaming into Second Life
– Animation for Serious Games
– Graphic design and 3D work